Sunday, February 6, 2011

Finish update for this blog.

This blog is for fun ,not selling hack,not buying hack,not hack MAT,just posting hack (created by other site)

i will search for hack and post it at here.


Anyone who playing suba ?

WHO is playing suba MAT please leave ur coment here:

IF anyone need DXT D3D version 3 (suba only) or

Ghanon public hack no recoil,no need to reload ur gun (suba only)

TEll me you want the hack or else i wont post here because i play CIB MAT

Update file for MAT AUTOMATON

install this then every time you open MAT should be like this :

New features:Gravity ,enable to jump higher.

Winject and Missing dll on ur system32

WINJECT <<< file needed to inject dll :

Missing msvcr100.dll when you inject dll install this :

Missing msvcr100d.dll when you inject dll install this

Missing msvcp100d.dll when you inject dll install

DXT MAT D3D version 3

1.extract the file
2.use and injector to inject this dll INS on your keyboard to open/close the menu.


PART 1 :

PART 2: 

1.extract file
2.install it MAT AUTOMATON had installed
4.start your MAT ,ur pc will pop up a box[injected succesful ,exiting.] END on ur keyboard for the menu.